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September 2002


Was going to go out to Bab's last night, but wasn't feeling well: Heart was racing though there was no emotional content, so it wasn't an anxiety or panic attack. I calmed down later after some food. Maybe a low blood sugar thing. Then, stayed up till 5am playing with an MP3-mixing/DJ software demo, trying to mix tracks so the beats blend seamlessly: harder than I imagined.

Spent 2 hours today regaining skin color in the sun by the apartment complex pool. Sweaty. Short swim was nice and cool. Now in ERC, wasting time, not doing any work, trying to decide if I want to go and see Full Frontal -- the new Soderbergh movie -- tonight. I should prolly go home and continue packing, do laundry, etc.

Lonely day, again. Haven't talked to anyone in meatspace. My voice feels under-utilized. Grrr. When it's like this, my mind mulls over old events.

Was interesting day, yesterday. Went

Was interesting day, yesterday. Went to see Emily's band, Pub Domain, play in Jackson, MI. Good gig. Nice to be out in the little park in downtown Jackson, a rather surreal town, IMO.

Anyway, I had just gotten out of the overnight experiment where they drew 2.5 cc of blood every 10 minutes for 24 hours. It was an interesting experience. The bed wasn't terribly comfortable, but I liked having people around the whole time.

That evening, I was feeling depressed, and my thoughts kept running over the recent past. I still have trouble understanding what the hell happened. Anyway, after the gig, JB, Emily and I went to a nearby restaurant (Daryl's) which had a highly attractive hostess. Conversation was inconsequential: random chat about work, pets, and deadlines.

On the drive back, played a tape that JB dubbed: all these 80's love songs and ballads. A little Air Supply made me really, really nostalgic and melancholy.

Fun 25 hours ahead

Well, I volunteered for a medical experiment that is trying to look at the effects of a particular drug on the stress hormone cortisol. They're going to put a catheter in me, and monitor me for 24 hours: they will inject some of the drug at certain intervals, and draw a few drops of blood every 10 minutes. Fun. I am not supposed to be exposed to external stresses, so no watching TV or movies. I am bringing a novel.