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Down and Up

Philly was great. A bit more low-key than I would have expected.

Some things happened... It was bad for a few days. Then it was better. Anyway, I decided to limit my time online as I felt I was getting "tunnel vision".

Eli and I are throwing a Halloween party this weekend, though I'm not quite ready for it: a lack of time due to work, and lack of money for a costume. Oh, well. I can always go as Adam.

Off the ether forever (?)

Well, I was in an angry mood last night, and was venting in #nerve when cara came in. Yes, I was doing some female-bashing, but no more than women have male-bashed in my presence. Anyway, I was accused of over-reacting, or possibly being too needy, available, boring, and earnest. I came back with a somewhat personal statement to cara. She got a little upset. I felt I was being picked on, but nobody saw that even when I said so. So, I left. I quit irssi. Maybe forever. After all, they all said they didn't know me in "real life", so what was I getting out of the experience of being in there? Not much, I've decided.

Maybe I'll go back, maybe I won't. I don't like having to justify my emotions to people who admit to not knowing me. Especially when the venting I am doing seems to be par for the course for various individuals with emotional issues in #nerve and on the boards.