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Fun with electrostatics

So, I bought a Neo-Tec XJ-2000 electrostatic scrubber from a beautiful, slender Eastern European woman from the mall on Sunday. She looked like she was probably a ballet dancer. Anyhow, it was $100, which is cheaper than what some websites are selling it for, but about $30 more expensive than ordering direct from the manufacturer. Froogle is pretty useful. I could return it and get a package deal on the same item plus a smaller filter, but I probably won’t. Too much hassle to go to the mall and back.

Anyway, the thing seems to work pretty well. It has certainly helped with my allergies beyond what my medications do. I’m almost definitely allergic to Doc. I wonder if I should move out next academic year. It’s such a hassle. I think I’ll just stay and put up with it: it seems to be under control.

Sleep comes slowly

Figured out that, for the last 2 weeks or so, I've been sleeping poorly and waking up feeling rotten because I had run out of my allergy meds and had not taken any. Aaarrgghhh. Finally got my refills the day before yesterday, and had a good night's sleep waking up feeling not too bad. Still not perfect. There is definitely something in the house that I'm strongly allergic to.

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