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It’s alive!

Holy brain in a jar, Batman! Check this story out:

“It’s essentially a dish with 60 electrodes arranged in a grid at the bottom,” DeMarse said. “Over that we put the living cortical neurons from rats, which rapidly begin to reconnect themselves, forming a living neural network – a brain.”

The brain and the simulator establish a two-way connection, similar to how neurons receive and interpret signals from each other to control our bodies. By observing how the nerve cells interact with the simulator, scientists can decode how a neural network establishes connections and begins to compute, DeMarse said.

How long before we have this?

FBI seizes Indymedia’s co-located server in London, England (update)

Now, this is a chilling happening: Indymedia’s host (Rackspace in London, England) was ordered by the FBI to hand over the hardware that hosts several Indymedia websites. Rackspace complied, but Indymedia is looking into the issue with their law enforcement liaison.

Update: This story in The Register has more info, and some speculation. Speculation because the UK Home Office, which has jurisdiction for taking action under legal assistance treaties, has denied that any UK law enforcement agency took part in the confiscation. Maybe it was an intelligence agency?

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A win for the little guy

Greenpeace has prevailed in its fight to get Monsanto’s patent on the ‘Nap Hal’ variety of wheat revoked in Europe. Monsanto had claimed the wheat was a product of their genetic engineering, but it was actually a variety that was developed by Indian farmers through the old-fashioned method of selective breeding. Patents on this variety are still held by Monsanto in the USA and Australia.