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FBI E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation Techniques

Ugh. So, the ACLU has found evidence via FOIA filings that Bush authorized torture:

The two-page e-mail that references an Executive Order states that the President directly authorized interrogation techniques including sleep deprivation, stress positions, the use of military dogs, and “sensory deprivation through the use of hoods, etc.”

Link to full report.

Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

I’d come across the phrase “the infamous Prince Albert in a can” while reading a history of tins and canning. Not knowing why it was infamous, about 10 minutes of Googling later, I found this article. So, apparently “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” is a snicker-inducing question from the early part of the 20th century. Oh, and the appropriate retort to a reply of “Yes” is, “Well, you’d better let him out, then.”

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Winter is finally here

After weeks of balmy (40°F/4.4°C and above) weather, except for a nice crisp and cold Thanksgiving day, winter is finally here. Even yesterday morning, it was wet and rainy. That turned to snow last night, and it’s now 24°F/-4.4°C and snowing. I kinda miss winter: I like seeing snow on the ground, and I like how snow absorbs all the noise.

Of course, I caught a cold last Friday, and don’t feel all great. At least it’s not the flu: I am actually able to stand up and walk downtown.