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Killing new-style pop-under ads

So, you may have seen the that have shown up. They basically call a bit of JavaScript to write the pop-under code to the document, rather than directly including it in the document source. So, that bypasses pop-up blockers.

It annoyed me, so I figured out a way to deal with it. (I’m sure others have, as well.) I run Privoxy, a very flexible HTTP/HTTPS proxy, with which I filter out ads. The nice thing about it is that one can write arbitrarily complex regular expressions for filters: some people have written filter rules to change the stylesheets of certain websites. Anyway, here is my filter expression. Just add this to your default.filter file, and enable it in the default.action:

FILTER: javascript-popunders Removes new-style javascript popunders

Lachlan Hunt has another way of stopping the new popup.