Star Spangled Banner, Finnish shout-song style
Ah, crap

It’s a small world

So, I was Googling for Malaysian cigars, and found this blog by Aizuddin Danian which I had seen before but not read in any depth. I browsed down to this entry, which mentioned an Andrew Welch. Couldn’t be the Andrew Welch of Ambrosia Software, could it? The Ambrosia that has produced some of the classic games for the Mac, and still are. The Ambrosia that is located in Central New York, near my old stomping grounds (well, if not stomping, then heavy-footed walking) of Ithaca? Well, it turns to be so. Here’s a link to a photogallery of his visit to the Arturo Fuente Cigar Factory (in the Dominican Republic?). His main page is a journal of sorts, including postings about visits to Malaysia.

Listening to Tango Ballad from the album “Punishing Kiss” by Ute Lemper

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