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Minor hardware hacking

Well, not a hack as much as a kluge. My external FireWire drive has been out of commission for well over a year. At first, I thought that the disk itself had died, but putting a new one in made no difference.

I had noticed that the disk activity LED was intermittent, but put that down to the disk. Regardless, I tried wiggling the power connector, and that seemed to affect the LED. The power switch is right next to the power connector, and yesterday, I thought I might just remove the switch and jumper the connection. I just finished the little bit of de-soldering and soldering in of the jumpers, and voila, it works! Now and then, it’s nice to screw around with a soldering iron.

It’s Official

OK, I just got a copy of the official offer letter via email, so I can talk about this, now. I’ll be starting a post-doctoral research fellowship at the combined Radiation Oncology Department of Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Children’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School sometime before November 1.

Fixing broken sync for Address Book

If you’ve ever restored your Address Book from a backup, and found that your contact database would no longer sync with .Mac and your Palm OS device, here’s how to fix it. I discovered this after about two full days of working through the combinatorics of deleting, adding, backing up, restoring, and syncing.

  1. In AddressBook, Export all your contacts to a vCard file.
  2. Delete all your AddressBook contacts. Delete all your contacts on .Mac and your Palm device, as well.
  3. Import your contact data from the exported vCard file.
  4. Sync, et voila.


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