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In Boston

I’m in Boston, now. (Technically, at my friend Ross’s apartment in Cambridge.) The trip, like most of mine, was a bit of a farce. I decided to look for a motel past Albany, NY, rather than before as planned since I still had a caffeine buzz going. Of course, there weren’t any until the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, where the peak season weekend rates were in effect ($120). I actually turned down a room for $75 because the coupon book showed prices around $55. I ended up slightly lost driving around Lee, MA. The clerk at the second hotel said I should check out West Springfield for cheaper motels. Again, I got lost: you try finding your way around at 3am without a good map. Finally found a dingy EconoLodge for $68, $75 including taxes. Fell asleep around 5.30am, woke up at 9.30am. I’m glad I didn't do the stupid thing of trying to push on to Boston without sleep, even though West Springfield is only about 90 minutes from the city.

In any event, I arrived in Cambridge at around 1pm. Found Ross’s apartment key where he left it. Saw that the guest room was much too small to hold any significant portion of my belongings, so I called up the self-storage place I had found on the net a few weeks ago. I remembered that they were open on Sunday afternoons. Drove down there, got a locker, and unloaded. $60/month is not bad. The place is only a few minutes’ drive from Ross’s.

After the afternoon’s exertions, I found a small Brazilian buffet. Had some hearty meat and yucca and beans dish: it had a few tasty pieces of what tasted like rendered pork lard. Plus a couple of pieces of fried plantain. Had some coffee at a café nearby. Then, headed back to try to nap. I was only able to sleep for about 15 minutes.

There is one very weak open wireless access point in the neighborhood, which is how I’m posting this.

Tomorrow, the room hunt begins in earnest.