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LIGO video

The project that I did my PhD in, Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), has, with the National Science Foundation (NSF), produced a 20 minute video entitled “Einstein’s Messengers” targeted towards the general public. It’s a NOVA-style program. You can watch a streaming version online.

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Pretty picture

I spent the last few days playing with matplotlib, a nice graphics package for Python. The result, which is basically what I needed to accomplish, is below. I just need to scale the data properly, which is easy using the Python classes I wrote to encapsulate the dose and phantom outputs of EGSnrc, the Monte Carlo dose calculation code I use. Oh, and don’t worry: that’s not a real head. It’s a “phantom”, an artificial head made of plastic with a real skull, jaw bone, and teeth embedded into it.

Dental phantom

Listening to Michael Jackson from the album “On The Floor At The Boutique” by Fatboy Slim

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Weave Soundpainting Orchestra presents Mercury

Weave, the performance art group I used to be part of is having a show in Chicago on Sunday, March 5th. Wish I could be there.

Update: I was just listening to “result:one” again, and I think 9:07 is my favorite track. Download it here. Also have a listen to 13:08 and 5:55.

Listening to 9:07 from the album “result:one” by Weave

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Blizzard of 2006

I moved my stuff out of my storage locker into the basement, yesterday, so I unpacked a bit today.

Had a nice relaxing day, thanks to the snow, even though I was supposed to get some work done. My roomies and I went out for a late breakfast, then to the grocery store, and then home to watch movies (“Annie Hall”, and “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”), eat soup that Maryann made, and drink wine, all by a lovely roaring fire.

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