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New receiver, and other shopping musings

I found a Denon AVR-3300 AV receiver on craigslist. Had to drive about an hour to New Hampshire, and then back, but I think it was a good deal. The seller didn’t have the remote on it, so we couldn’t check if it worked: there was no sound out of the speakers he had hooked up, and I thought the remote was needed to switch speakers. Anyway, he knocked the price down to $100 (from $200) because of that. I got it home, hooked it up, and it seems to work just fine. The speakers just needed to be hooked up to the front left and right outputs rather than surrounds. Nothing wrong with it other than a few scratches, some dried up fruit punch, and non-functioning detents (clicky sensation on turning the knob) on the function selector knob. The downside is that I have to find a remote for it. A Denon replacement can be had for >$100, but I saw one that was sold on eBay for about $70. The auction ended 3 weeks ago, though. The seller there was nice enough to link to Denon’s copy of the user manual: I thought I’d have to spring more cash for a copy of it. Once I get a remote, I’ll donate the old clunker to the charity shop up the street.

More on shopping, I bought some nice tea (Lapsang Souchong, and Golden Monkey) at Teavana in the Prudential Center. (The Pu Erh tea brick looks interesting.) Also saw a lower price on a mechanical pencil at Levenger that I had bought elsewhere to match the pen that I already have.

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Floor barre

I haven’t danced seriously in years, so I decided to ease in by taking a floor barre class, i.e. ballet exercises done while lying on the floor rather than standing. Boy, was I surprised at how much my body has forgotten. All the little muscles, and positions. Getting cramps in the calves from pointing toes. Turning out is hard. Flexibility is shot, etc. *sigh* It’ll take me at least a year of serious work to get back into performance shape. Even then, it’ll be performance shape for a 40-year old. Aging sucks.

Space Bang!

The Space Bang! last night was a lot of fun. I ran into a couple of people I was hoping to see. And I shot about 300 200 pix. The night before was good, too: went out with Eli, Becky, Mon, and Mike (my former “office mate” from Espresso Royale). Plus, I ran into a few people I hadn’t expected to at Babs’.

UPDATE: I’ve posted my pix to Flickr.

Space Bang!

Me at Space Bang! (Photo by The Bang!)


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Ann Arbor-bound

I’m headed back to Ann Arbor for the weekend, and to pick up the rest of my belongings from a friend’s basement. Of course, I tried to cover lots of ground early in the trip, and I got busted for speeding: 89 in a 65 zone. $240 ticket. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m posting in a cheapo motel outside of Cleveland. I should make Ann Arbor by lunchtime tomorrow, depending on traffic.

Watching Samurai Champloo on [adult swim]

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Stellar Phoenix recovery software

So, I stupidly installed a new version of Fedora over a RedHat installation without backing up my Wiki directory structure. I had dumped the MySQL database, but missed copying the actual files over.

Luckily, I found Stellar Phoenix Linux, which runs on Windows XP but reads and recovers data from EXT2/3. It’s also smart enough to go rooting at low level to find files and directories that were “overwritten”.

So, I was able to pull the files off. The question now is this: what did it do to the permissions and ownerships?

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