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Moved in, sort of

After 2.5 hours of hard work, all my stuff is in my new place. It’s sort of a student slum, but it’s cheap. Unfortunately, the previous occupant of the room left a big ugly couch in the room, and he didn’t clean the room, either. It’s not terrible, but the floor hasn’t been mopped in a year. Anyway, I hired a couple of cheap movers: two guys with a pickup truck and a car. It was a hard slog. My old place on Pond St was on the third floor (second for you UK-English types), and my new room is on the third floor, too. Also, this house is up on a hill, so it’s effectively four storeys up. You can bet I won’t be moving next year.

The room is huge: maybe 16 feet by 20 feet. And the closet is huge: it’s a walk-in. The windows, however, are old and leaky. We’ll see how they do in winter. I’ll probably have to put up insulation film. It faces south, but the view is mostly obstructed by the neighboring house.

I’ve met two of the flat mates: one’s a high school English teacher who just moved here from Chicago. Another is about to start grad school shortly. No idea who the others are, yet.

And, I am going to put my bed together, shower, and crash.