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Quick update

Haven’t been posting at all lately, or even taken pictures of coffee: a combination of insomnia, work, and rehearsals for “Forbidden Zone on stage”. I’m excited about the show. It’s a staged adaptation of the 1980 cult movie featuring the talents of Danny and Richard Elfman and the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. More details at the official movie site. We open Halloween night at the Coolidge Corner Theater, and there’s a possibility that Richard Elfman will reprise a role he had in the movie. At the least, he’s tentatively agreed to come to the opening.

The Thriller zombie dance last weekend went very well. We walked the mile from our rehearsal space to the theater. I was doing my best to shamble, if that’s the proper verb. They showed the whole long-form video for Thriller, and at the right moment, the screen was raised, and we did the dance section live. The audience seemed to like that. :) And my costume rocked. I need to get a copy of the video.

Forbidden Zone

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