Beat Takeshi’s got some moves

Empire S.N.A.F.U.

Just realised that I haven’t mentioned doing performance with Empire S.N.A.F.U. last 10th. I also helped the artist, E. Stephen Frederick, set up one of the performance/installation rooms. Fun. The last time he did a show was three years ago.

I like his stuff: very textural. Texture is sort of the pervading theme of my aesthetic preference, even when it comes to food.

Oh, and last weekend, I finally got to meet Lisa Crystal Carver, a.k.a. Lisa Suckdog, in person. I’ve been an admirer for a while. I had talked to her on the phone a few times years ago, and she had arranged a (mis)adventure for me in Chicago one Christmas. She was sweet, and manic, as I expected.

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