Democrats take both Houses

Forbidden Zone on Stage, not quite

Well, the stage version of Forbidden Zone which I was part of is indefinitely shelved due to financial reasons. For the last couple of weeks, we tried realistically to see if we could pull it off, after deciding we weren’t ready for a Halloween opening. I got recruited as secretary for the new production team, and started helping out with vocal rehearsals since our music director had little experience with singers who don’t read music.

Anyway, it may still happen, but likely not as a completely independent project. We’ll see what happens. I’d really like to see this thing get off the ground.

Listening to St. Joe’s Infirmary (Those Gambler’s Blues) from the album “1997 - Vol 9 - H2 (1923-1930) DOCD-5513” by Female Blues Singers - Complete Recorded Works

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