So, for work, I have to deal with this “language” called Mortran. Technically, it’s a macro pre-processor that converts Mortran code to Fortran. It does make for easier reading than vanilla Fortran77.

Anyway, I’m accustomed to having syntax coloring in my editors to help get a quick view of the “bones” of the code. Since Mortran is such an ancient and little-used language, none of the editors I used have a package to colorize Mortran code.

I tried hacking one up for Emacs, but my Elisp is quite a bit rusty, and I got nowhere after a couple of hours. So, I turned to Textmate, the editor I use on my Mac. It has a simpler syntax for writing colorizers. Et voilà, I now have a colorizer package for Mortran.

I do still want to hack something up for Emacs, though, since I still use it as my primary editor on Linux.

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