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Nikon, Nikon, Nikon

Since my new (secondhand) camera is a Nikon D40, I’m having to bone up on all the jargon surrounding Nikon lenses. I used to be a Canon user, but that was many years ago.

Anyway, Ken Rockwell has written two great articles about Nikon lenses: one decoding the alphabet soup, and the other listing compatibility between lenses and current cameras.

UPDATE: another compatibility list.

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Boston Marathon pix

The 112th Boston Marathon was on Monday, April 21. My apartment is right by the route (mile 24), and I went down to see the runners, never having seen the marathon before.

I was early enough to catch the 1st place runners and wheelchair athlete. And I also managed to get a picture of Lance Armstrong, though I didn’t know it was him until someone told me the following day.

Below is Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya, the 1st place man. This was his 4th time winning the Boston Marathon. Click picture to see the rest of the set.

Robert Cheruiyot (Kenya)

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