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FM2n teaser

Brought one of the FM2n’s to the HUMANWINE show last night. It was really nice to have a very fast lens: the light in there was really bad. I used the 85mm f/2, and Kodak ISO 800 color negative film. In some shots, I still had 1/2 second exposures.

The rough thing about the large aperture is that depth of field is shallow, and it was hard to focus in the dim light. Manual metered exposure is tough, too: you have to meter, set, and then wait for the shot.

Anyway, here’s a teaser shot I took outside while HUMANWINE took a break.

Marty’s Liquors

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Nikon FM2n

So, I just bought a pair of Nikon FM2n bodies from a pro photographer who was finally clearing out her film gear to make space. I also got a pair of lenses: a 28mm f/2.8 and an 85mm f/2, both AI.

These bodies are in pretty good condition: just the normal wear and tear, and maybe a small ding. One of them, though, did have a fairly loose lens mount. A few quick turns of a small screwdriver fixed that.

The bundle cost me $300, which is a great bargain. On eBay, the bodies go for about $250. Not sure what the lenses will go for as these are not as desirable as the newer AI-S manual focus lenses. While I’m very tempted to hold on to one body and both lenses, I’ll probably just sell them on eBay and put the proceeds towards more gear for my current digital SLR (Nikon D40). But not without putting a few rolls through them, first. That 85mm f/2 is very nice and bright, and great for portraits.

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