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Salon Gone Wrong

Jojo Lazar, the Burlesque Poetess, organized and hosted an evening of variety entertainment, featuring music, poetry and fiction reading, juggling, walking on broken glass, comedy, a contortionist, and partial stripping. It was held at the Amazing Firehouse in Framingham, MA.

You know the drill with the clicky clicky.



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HUMANWINE, Jake von Slatt, and Make:TV

This is the first of a series of photo backlog-clearing posts…

First, a little background. PBS is shooting a TV series based on Make Magazine, called Make:TV. It’s all about techie DIY, and empowering ordinary people to void their warranties. ;)

So, for the pilot episode, they feature Jake von Slatt of Steampunk Workshop. Besides being a DIYer who makes steampunkish things, he had donated a bunch of stuff to Holly and M@ of HUMANWINE, who have converted a bus to biodiesel and in which they will live and tour with the rest of the band. HUMANWINE played a small show with a few other bands (which I didn’t stay for, it being a Sunday evening) at the old warehouse complex that Pan9 used to be in. Here are the pix. (Click on them to see the fullsize, and get to the rest of the set.) Jake also blogged about this, and put a video up at Google Video:



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I ♥ film

Despite the convenience and consistency I get with digital, I find that the shots I love best seem to be on film. Partly because I use lovely fast lenses which give nice bokeh (background blurring). These two shots were taken with a Nikon FM2n, using a Nikkor AI 85mm f/2; film was Kodak Tmax 3200, which is no longer being made. I didn’t record exposure details, but they were handheld, available light.

Walter Sickert

Katrina Galore

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