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Hooray for prime lens!

So, my biggest frustration with my current camera is that it does not take prime (fixed focal length) lenses. I am limited to the zoom lenses with built-in motors (Nikkor AF-S).

However, Nikon has just announced a lovely and fast prime lens with an AF-S mount at Photokina: the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G. The only downsides are the price (>$400), and that it is a “G” (i.e. gelded) lens, meaning it does not have an aperture ring: aperture control is electronic only. So, it looks like I may be able to put of blowing $3000 on a D700 body.


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Smoke rings

Had a lovely evening in the Cloud Club garden, smoking a La Gloria Cubana cigar, practicing making smoke rings. I managed three.

La Gloria Cubana

Also, The Pussy Pirates played a a show in Boston at the Midway Cafe. I knew them from Ann Arbor, and had met Jess and Gabriela at a couple of parties in their house. I actually met Jess first, at a roommate matching meeting at the U. of Michigan housing office. I was looking for a room, and she was looking for someone to take one of the five rooms in her house. I didn’t end up taking the room because they had chinchillas, and I was afraid I would be allergic. (I am highly allergic to cats, and, to a lesser extent, dogs.) Anyway, she studied Linguistics, and is now fixing and racing bicycles for a living.

Jess and Gabriela

Listening to Tzadik Tzirkus from the album “Plastic Paradise” by The Pussy Pirates

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Rip and encode

So, I got frustrated at the awkwardness of ripping a CD to MP3 on Linux (Fedora in particular), so I wrote this little Python script. It rips the current CD to the current directory using cdda2wav, and then calls LAME to encode to MP3, naming the files by track number and name. Requires: cdda2wav, LAME, and Python. Python and cdda2wav are available in the standard Fedora distribution. You will have to get LAME elsewhere, or download the source and build it yourself.

Geek out.

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