Rip and encode
Hooray for prime lens!

Smoke rings

Had a lovely evening in the Cloud Club garden, smoking a La Gloria Cubana cigar, practicing making smoke rings. I managed three.

La Gloria Cubana

Also, The Pussy Pirates played a a show in Boston at the Midway Cafe. I knew them from Ann Arbor, and had met Jess and Gabriela at a couple of parties in their house. I actually met Jess first, at a roommate matching meeting at the U. of Michigan housing office. I was looking for a room, and she was looking for someone to take one of the five rooms in her house. I didn’t end up taking the room because they had chinchillas, and I was afraid I would be allergic. (I am highly allergic to cats, and, to a lesser extent, dogs.) Anyway, she studied Linguistics, and is now fixing and racing bicycles for a living.

Jess and Gabriela

Listening to Tzadik Tzirkus from the album “Plastic Paradise” by The Pussy Pirates

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