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New Photography 2009 at MoMA

Just returned from a visit to NYC and Boston. While in NYC, I went to see the New Photography exhibit at MoMA. It featured six photographers: Walead Beshty, Daniel Gordon, Leslie Hewitt, Carter Mull, Sterling Ruby, and Sara VanDerBeek. They all work very differently, though a couple had similar methods. The unifying feature, though, is that the photographic process is used as a medium itself, and sometimes recursively (photographs of photographs).

Walead Beshty is the most “painterly”: he takes a very large sheet of photographic paper, and exposes parts of it to various colored light, masking out areas by using the sheet itself.

Leslie Hewitt’s work departs the least from traditional photography, and I found it very evocative. He photographs other photographs which are placed within a setting of common objects, sometimes with some personal significance.

Anyway, will write more about my trip soon.