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Try out Google Chrome OS

You can try out Google’s Chrome OS easily no matter if you use Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. The long version of the instructions are at TechCrunch. Here is a rundown at Ars Technica.

Basically, you need two things:

  1. VirtualBox, which will let you create a virtual machine on which to run Chrome OS, and
  2. a pre-built disk image of a Chrome OS machine.
Just create a new machine, and use the image you download (named ide.vmdk) as the system disk.

Use the login name mentioned on the torrent page, and create a new Google account to play with (don’t trust something you downloaded from an unknown source). Et voilà: Chromeos_under_virtualbox

It is pretty much a basic operating system, that just runs the Chrome browser. All “applications” are the usual web-based ones by Google, and others.