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Disassembling the OXO Good Grips® LiquiSeal™ Travel Mug


First off, this whole branding thing is getting ridiculous. It’s a six-word name for a product.

I just bought the OXO travel mug and am finding that the sealing lid is a fairly complex thing which is hard to clean completely. But an Amazon reviewer has tips on voiding your warranty disassembling the lid for cleaning.

Strobist tricks


I took New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to do more off-camera manual strobe shots. I think it went quite well, and I am slowly getting a feel for guesstimating the right aperture for a fixed flash output.

This picture was shot with my Nikon SB-800 held far out in my left hand. It was manually zoomed to its furthest setting: 105mm coverage if I recall. Power was 1/16. Triggering was with the Cactus V4 radio trigger. There was, of course, a fair bit of luck in the aiming of the light. I took only this one shot.