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Kita Semua Pendatang - SABM Roadshow in Melaka

This is an interesting-looking show: Kita Semua Pendatang: Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Roadshow in my hometown. Translation: “We Are All Immigrants: I Am A Child of Malaysia”. From their background page:

Since January 2009, a group of like-minded Anak-Anak Bangsa Malaysia have come together and have worked hard to try and put together a programme that we hope will see the beginnings of the spirit of One People, One Nation taking root amongst the people of our nation.

The poster is a great illustration of Malaysia patois (Bahasa Rojak), a mix of all the major languages spoken in Malaysia. Because, sometimes, you need a different language to express a meaning.

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Injecting Javascript with Privoxy

I’ve been wondering how to use Privoxy to inject Javascript into specific sites, as a way of doing some Greasemonkey-like things for non-Firefox browsers.

This article on fixing Facebook for Konqueror provides a way, assuming the site in question has a global .js file. Basically, you redirect the URL for the .js file to a local copy, and then you may be able to inject your script into that local copy.

I haven’t tried it, yet, but will be playing with it presently.