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New Orleans

I was in New Orleans for the Supercomputing ‘10 conference last week. Managed some time to see a few shows at New Orleans Fringe Fest, too. Of those, I thought The Mudlark Public Theatre’s puppet show Hunter’s Blind was amazing. 

Avoiding Bourbon St, New Orleans has some really nice neighborhoods, and what looks like a really active independent performing arts scene. Not to mention great little bars, like Bar Tonique. And the great music. Coincidentally, two friends from Boston happened to be in town separately, and I got to meet up with them. One was performing and teaching classes at Fringe.

On this site in 1897 nothing happened.

iPhone 4 photography

I just got an iPhone 4, and I really like display. I also like the built-in camera: a vast improvement in image quality over previous iPhones. Even better than the Sony Ericsson (SE) phonecam that I like. The HDR mode is great at getting a nice image out of super-contrasty scenes. (The image below was shot in HDR.)

That said, it has one major deficiency, even compared to the simplest fixed-focus SE phonecams: lack of white balance presets. The ProCamera app helps a bit by giving the ability to lock the auto-white balance. So, you can tap and hold on a neutral-color area (or grey card) and then lock the white balance. But, it doesn’t match the convenience and consistency of having WB presets.