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Hackintosh - Mac OS X update to 10.8.3

I waited a few weeks to update my Hackintosh from Mac OS X 10.8.2 to 10.8.3 in order to make sure any issues were dealt with by others. Instead of using Software Update from the App Store, I downloaded the Combo Update package from Apple. Using the Combo Update is the recommended way of updating Hackintoshes. However, there were quite a few reports of successful updates applied by using the App Store updater.

In any case, after applying the update, my Hackintosh would not boot. I basically had to go through the entire build process again. I actually "doubled up" because there is a new version of Unibeast for 10.8.3. So:

  1. Remove graphics card
  2. Use Unibeast 1.5.3 to reinstall Mountain Lion 10.8.2
  3. Boot safe mode (-x) from HD using Unibeast, then re-download Mac OS X installer from App Store.
  4. Download new Unibeast 1.7.0 from Tonymacx86, and create new USB Unibeast flash drive.
  5. Boot from Unibeast 1.7.0 to reinstall Mountain Lion 10.8.3
  6. Reboot from HD using Unibeast, and run Multibeast. At this point, I still couldn't boot from the HD without Unibeast.
  7. Reboot from HD using Unibeast, and install Chimera 2.0.1
  8. Reboot from HD without Unibeast. (Success, finally.)
  9. Turn machine off, reinstall graphics card, and reboot a final time.

Holy smokes. That only took me a week to figure out, after going through many iterations. Well, at least I'm still saving 30% or more compared to a Mac Pro.