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Fire OS updated to 4.6.1 and almost all Google apps work

Since Amazon updated Fire OS on the phone to 4.6.1, recently, almost all the major Google apps now work. (See previous post.) The only one which stopped working was Google+: the Google Play store claims incompatibility. And Maps does not locate the device properly, which is odd because the location-based game Ingress works fine.

Before this Fire OS update, Gmail, Inbox, and Calendar did not work. All these now work.

How to fix iPhone sync stuck on importing photos

After playing with Aperture and Photos per my previous post, I found that iTunes would get stuck syncing my iPhone: it would stay on the “Importing photos” step for hours (I left it overnight).

The fix is basically outlined in this post on StackExchange, with modification since the post deals with iPhoto.

You can do this on the command line, or in the Finder.

  1. Disconnect your iPhone and quit iTunes as a precaution
  2. Locate ~/Pictures/Aperture Library
  3. Right click, and select Show Package Contents
  4. You should see a folder named iPod Photo Cache -- trash it
  5. Launch iTunes, connect your phone, and sync

And, that's all.