Kita Semua Pendatang - SABM Roadshow in Melaka

This is an interesting-looking show: Kita Semua Pendatang: Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Roadshow in my hometown. Translation: “We Are All Immigrants: I Am A Child of Malaysia”. From their background page:

Since January 2009, a group of like-minded Anak-Anak Bangsa Malaysia have come together and have worked hard to try and put together a programme that we hope will see the beginnings of the spirit of One People, One Nation taking root amongst the people of our nation.

The poster is a great illustration of Malaysia patois (Bahasa Rojak), a mix of all the major languages spoken in Malaysia. Because, sometimes, you need a different language to express a meaning.

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Boston becomes laughing-stock

Pretty ridiculous. Turner Broadcasting has already offered to pay $2m, much more than the cost of the emergency response. Now, the Cartoon Network’s chief has just resigned. Plus, the city is moving forward with prosecuting the two artists who were hired to install the blinky lights around the city.


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Arson: a little too close for comfort

I walked out to the bus stop this morning to find that the real estate agents’ office (Pondside Realty) just around the corner from me blackened and smoldering. There were a couple firefighters and policemen, and TV trucks around, too. I didn’t hear a thing last night: I sleep like the dead.

Thankfully, the fire didn’t spread. The realtor took up two lots on the corner. In the same building are a nail salon and a tailor. Right next to this commercial building is an old wooden triple-decker. I’m amazingly glad it was raining heavily last night and fire didn’t spread to the residential properties.

The local CBS affiliate says it was a gas bomb. There was a witness.

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Mat Whitecross, who co-directed “Road to Guantanamo”, wrote a good piece about the Bush administration’s use of doublespeak:

One of the less noted aspects of the Bush Administration's 'War on Terror' is the government's simultaneous War on Language, a calculated use of Orwellian double speak. Post 9-11, the invasion of other countries became a 'preemptive strike', the capture and torture of civilians 'extraordinary rendition'. A sign on the front of the US prison in Guantanamo Bay reads 'Honor Bound to Defend Freedom'.

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