The Merce Cunningham Company is back in town for a week’s residence, in addition to the performances at the Power Center. The last time they were here for a residence, the Dance Department offered a one-credit class, which I took. It was very good. There are quite a few events this time, too, but I’m not as involved. I did see the “Merce on Film”show on Monday, and am planning to go to the performance on Friday, featuring music by Cage. Should be good: the last time they did a piece with music by Cage, people walked out. They screened “Beachbirds on Film”, which I had watched the last time, and one early film which name I forget, but it involved great SteadiCam shots in their studio/office space.

I just thought of a little project for myself: I kept extensive notes and sketches of the last residency, and I think that I’d like them online. Maybe if I get motivated enough.

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