Disassembling the OXO Good Grips® LiquiSeal™ Travel Mug


First off, this whole branding thing is getting ridiculous. It’s a six-word name for a product.

I just bought the OXO travel mug and am finding that the sealing lid is a fairly complex thing which is hard to clean completely. But an Amazon reviewer has tips on voiding your warranty disassembling the lid for cleaning.

Buddha’s Delight Restaurant

So, since I started eating some solid food — crackers, other bland carbohydrates — yesterday, I was craving congee (or rice porridge, or rice soup). I walked a bit around Chinatown looking for a likely place, and decided to go into the Buddha’s Delight Vegetarian Restaurant after deciding against a couple of other places. Just my luck, they had something called “rice soup” which I ordered in the hope that it was congee. And it was. It was very good, too. Amazingly good. It had tofu, mushrooms (a few types), and some taukee embedded with peppercorns. Plus the usual garnish of scallions, cilantro, and slivers of ginger. I ordered a couple of spring rolls, and some Chinese leek dumplings with it. The dumplings were very good, too. Patties of glutinous rice flour mixed with leek slices, and pan fried. The dumplings and congee would be a perfect breakfast meal.

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Espresso Royale Caffe

In my search for open-access wifi, I found the newbury open.net. I just headed to Newbury St (sort of a Park Slope, Brooklyn feel), and looked for a café with open wifi. What do I see? An Espresso Royale Caffe, my home away from home while in Ann Arbor. (I forgot to take pix of the café before I left Ann Arbor.)

The newbury open.net site has a copy of a N. Gupta’s Master’s thesis in Comparative Media Studies, entitled “Grande Wi-Fi: Understanding What Wi-Fi Users Are Doing in Coffee-Shops”. It’s linked on their publications page.