Rush Street: New restaurant and bar in town

So, I’ve been twice to the new restaurant/bar, Rush Street, that just opened where the Zydeco used to be. It‘s very sleek, and stylish inside. I just had drinks, though. The first night that I went was with my friend L and her friend P, a week prior: I was already sloshed when I got there, so things were pretty good. L, however, was seriously annoyed by the two lechers who were staring at her cleavage. After a few minutes of this, we went over to Conor’s, where a better time was had.

This time, I went there before I headed over to the Blind Pig. The bartender was nice, but the crowd sucked: Pretentious, loud, business- or law-school types abounded. Not to mention the woman who asked me to move from my seat at the bar for a friend who was in the bathroom for about 20 minutes after I tussled with my coat and smoking paraphernalia to oblige. I finished my Scotch, and barely made a dent in my pipe before I headed for friendlier territory. Oh, and the guy who borrowed my matches and barely acknowledged me. And the baby-faced guy trying to impress the cute bartender and his girlfriend by ordering a “Johnnie Red.” All in all, I think that was the least amount of time that I have ever spent in a bar. At least they had good musicians, though. I won’t rule out going there again, but not too soon.