Philadelphia FringeArts, aka Philadelphia Fringe Fest

Philadelphia FringeArts started on Sep 5 and will run  through the 22nd. It's big. Shows I saw:

and a couple of other previews held at The Trestle Inn.

Stormy Weather

I just got a copy of Stormy Weather (since I got a 30% discount coupon in email), featuring Lena Horne, Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson, Cab Calloway, and other huge names. Am watching it now: opening scene is Bojangles drilling a time step with a bunch of kids. :D

This clip is not from this movie, but was a deleted scene from “Café Metropole”:

Stormy Weather (20th Century Fox)

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Performing with the Grindhouse Marionettes

I performed with the Grindhouse Marionettes this past Saturday, doing the pre-show for Voltaic Vaudeville at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA. I copied my face from Red Skelton. It was fun. I was stuffed, with Jake, into the rumble seat of a 1931 Ford Model A. We drove up to the theatre, hopped out, and did a Keystone Kops chase routine around the block. Click the picture below for the rest of the photoset.



Listening to Ringleaders Revolt (Beat Circus)

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Empire S.N.A.F.U.

Just realised that I haven’t mentioned doing performance with Empire S.N.A.F.U. last 10th. I also helped the artist, E. Stephen Frederick, set up one of the performance/installation rooms. Fun. The last time he did a show was three years ago.

I like his stuff: very textural. Texture is sort of the pervading theme of my aesthetic preference, even when it comes to food.

Oh, and last weekend, I finally got to meet Lisa Crystal Carver, a.k.a. Lisa Suckdog, in person. I’ve been an admirer for a while. I had talked to her on the phone a few times years ago, and she had arranged a (mis)adventure for me in Chicago one Christmas. She was sweet, and manic, as I expected.

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Quick update

Haven’t been posting at all lately, or even taken pictures of coffee: a combination of insomnia, work, and rehearsals for “Forbidden Zone on stage”. I’m excited about the show. It’s a staged adaptation of the 1980 cult movie featuring the talents of Danny and Richard Elfman and the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. More details at the official movie site. We open Halloween night at the Coolidge Corner Theater, and there’s a possibility that Richard Elfman will reprise a role he had in the movie. At the least, he’s tentatively agreed to come to the opening.

The Thriller zombie dance last weekend went very well. We walked the mile from our rehearsal space to the theater. I was doing my best to shamble, if that’s the proper verb. They showed the whole long-form video for Thriller, and at the right moment, the screen was raised, and we did the dance section live. The audience seemed to like that. :) And my costume rocked. I need to get a copy of the video.

Forbidden Zone

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Dressing room picture

Olivia, one of the assistant stage managers, took a great pic in the dressing room. Pictured are Jeff, who played Ko-Ko the Lord High Executioner on closing night, myself, and David I. who played Pooh-Bah. The others are here.

I have pix from the cast party which I will post later. I think this was the most fun group I’ve done a show with. There were a lot of people for whom this was their first Footlight Club show, but everyone was very nice and fun to hang out with. I’m a bit sad the show is over: it was my social life for most of the last 10 weeks or so. But, it’s not all over, yet. Some of the cast are brewing trouble which I will take part in.

Jeff, David C, David I

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