Smoke rings

Had a lovely evening in the Cloud Club garden, smoking a La Gloria Cubana cigar, practicing making smoke rings. I managed three.

La Gloria Cubana

Also, The Pussy Pirates played a a show in Boston at the Midway Cafe. I knew them from Ann Arbor, and had met Jess and Gabriela at a couple of parties in their house. I actually met Jess first, at a roommate matching meeting at the U. of Michigan housing office. I was looking for a room, and she was looking for someone to take one of the five rooms in her house. I didn’t end up taking the room because they had chinchillas, and I was afraid I would be allergic. (I am highly allergic to cats, and, to a lesser extent, dogs.) Anyway, she studied Linguistics, and is now fixing and racing bicycles for a living.

Jess and Gabriela

Listening to Tzadik Tzirkus from the album “Plastic Paradise” by The Pussy Pirates

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Mantequilla XX

Mantequilla XX This may be the first of many. Or not. I’ve picked up and dropped serial entries in blogging, like my coffee phonecam pictures.

Today, the Mantequilla XX, a 6"x54 square-pressed parejo, in a maduro wrapper: picked this up on impulse at the Village Corner. Very well constructed: very even burn, ash holds on nicely. Medium-full bodied, with no harshness. A pleasure to smoke at $2.70.

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It’s a small world

So, I was Googling for Malaysian cigars, and found this blog by Aizuddin Danian which I had seen before but not read in any depth. I browsed down to this entry, which mentioned an Andrew Welch. Couldn’t be the Andrew Welch of Ambrosia Software, could it? The Ambrosia that has produced some of the classic games for the Mac, and still are. The Ambrosia that is located in Central New York, near my old stomping grounds (well, if not stomping, then heavy-footed walking) of Ithaca? Well, it turns to be so. Here’s a link to a photogallery of his visit to the Arturo Fuente Cigar Factory (in the Dominican Republic?). His main page is a journal of sorts, including postings about visits to Malaysia.

Listening to Tango Ballad from the album “Punishing Kiss” by Ute Lemper

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